Ever since I started cooking, I’ve searched all over the place for new recipes. I love new and different recipes and constantly aim to expand my cooking abilities. Also, I’m all about keeping it healthy and don’t like to get bored. I like to keep my cooking interesting and fun! I love recipes, recipes, and even more recipes!

I recently stumbled upon this amazing recipe toolbar called 100’s of Recipes. I installed it onto my Google Chrome browser and right away I had easy access to 100’s of recipes. Score! There’s a healthy meals section. Double score for me! It updates daily, plus its free. But my absolute favorite part is trying out the fun and different recipes. They’re super easy to make and they give you all the nutritional info right there! I love that part. There is nothing hidden in these recipes. It tells you how much sodium, fat, carbs, protein, etc. are in each serving!

My favorite meal so far that I discovered on the tool bar is the Spaghetti Squash with Moroccan spices. Yum! I love spaghetti squash, but I always make it as a faux pasta with a faux meat sauce. I was psyched to try it differently and this dish was so delish!

If you dig tofu like I do, then you’re always looking for new and different ways to make tofu. Found that too! I strive to ensure my tofu is never boring, so I tried the Spicy Thai Tofu with red peppers and peanuts. It was super delish and yummy! All the recipes are amazing and they come from amazing sites like Epicurious and FoodNetwork.



Not only can you find amazing recipes on the toolbar, but if you’re looking to make sure that you eat healthy and stay on your course, it has a menu planner as well. The meal plan is super easy! You can find meals that are easy to make and if you’re looking for gluten free, vegetarian, and unprocessed its all there.

I’m all about living a healthy and happy lifestyle. I know it can be difficult! But there are so many fun tools out there, right at your fingertips. None of these recipes are hard to make. None of them take too much of your time! No excuses people!

Make a goal to live a healthy lifestyle! Use all these awesome tools to stay healthy and fit! Keep looking for new healthy recipes to make for yourself, friends, and family.


Photo credits to Epicurious.

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