My absolute favorite running app is MapMyRun. I’ve heard with the new iPhone and iPhone update that it’s paired with MyFitnessPal. How awesome, woo! This makes me love this app even more than I already do!

I first started using MapMyRun four years ago and the app has since completely revolutionized itself and my ability to run! My area is perfect for running and decided I wanted to run outside daily. But until I got MapMyRun, it was hard to track my progress. Mapmyrun kept me focused. It kept me pushing myself to run new routes and helped me increase my distance and pace. I’m still amazed how far I go and that I keep running farther than I ever thought I could. It consistently validates my goals since I can always see my progress. MapMyRun keeps me on track! It also reminds me when I need to push myself harder and faster!




My favorite part of the app is that it keeps track of all my runs and fitness workouts in one place. I get weekly emails telling me how far and how long I ran. It also tells me how many hours and calories I’ve burned! Even better, I get an email at the end of the year telling me how many miles I ran for the entire year! This has motivated me to run even farther, more often, and harder! I love that! Without an actual personal trainer, the app fills a void that we all need help filling.




MapMyRun also has live tracking, which is pretty damn cool. It you’re so inclined, you can turn that bad boy on and have a nice lady voice tell you your pace and what mile you’re at. It totally keeps you on point. If I hear I’m running slower, it definitely pushes me to run faster! It’s also great if you’re running a race and you want to be stay at your pace the entire time. I also love to use the live tracking during long runs or experimental runs! It’s hard to know how far a distance you’ve gone, especially on a new route. The live tracking will totally keep you honest and also stop you from over doing it. Remember, running farther than you can handle is no good.

I love MapMyRun! It’s super easy to use and it keeps me motivated to run longer, faster, and harder! Plus its free, has a growing community so you can compete with friends, and makes every workout that much more fun. Go download MapMyRun!


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